Repairing and maintenance

Using and working with a beehive, after a time a series of damage will appear, such as: impacts that leaves deep scars, chippings, tears and perforations. On the polyurethane V10 beehive all this can be fixed easily. For example: impacts and chippings on the exterior surfaces can be repaired with wood putty. On small surfaces we recommend water based wood putty, and on bigger surfaces we recommend polyurethane or polyester putty. The working and preparing instructions from the packages must be respected.

Tears and perforationsof a wall or component of the V10 polyurethane beehive is to be fixed by bonding (with glue) or sealing. We recommend to use polyurethane based glue or epoxy based glue. The instructions from the packages of the glues must be respected. Of course also situation can appear in that you will consider that Faroger company will do the job of repairing or also changing the broken part.

Painting the V10 polyurethane beehive. Because of the very good resistance on external (outside) conditions of the polyurethane material, Faroger Company does not consider required to paint the hive. However for the beekeeper that want to do this we give some tips:
1.The painting to be done with ecological paintings
2.The painting to be done only after the hive was exposed outside more then 1 month.
3.If some beekeeper wants to shorten this time, we recommend before painting that all surfaces of the polyurethane V10 hive to be easily polished with sandpaper of 120.

Cleaning and sterilization of the V10 polyurethane beehive is to do with water based solutions. We recommend a clothes based detergent that helps dissolving the propolis and cleans all the dirt. They can be used also dishwasher solution. In both cases the concentration will be as noted on the prospect of the solution. To obtain a very good and fast effect , we recommend to heat up the solutions at temperatures of 50-60 °C. Because of the good hardness of the polyurethane V10 hive also cleaning with pressure waschers is allowed. We recommend to keep a distance of about min. 40 cm from the nozzle to the hive.

NOTE: All persons that will do assembling operations, cleaning and sterilization or even painting or repairing of the polyurethane V10 beehive, must know that for they own safety they must use protective equipment such as: glasses, gloves, etc and they must use only approved tools.