About the polyurethane hive

Vertical beehive with 10 frames (Dadant & Langstroth & Dadant 1/2)

The components of the V10 hive are made from rigid polyurethane (PUR); a weather resistance material; beside this a very good thermal and sound insulated material.

The components of the polyurethane beehive have on the outer part a hard skin, and on the interior a cell structure with closed cells. The result is a light material with good mechanical resistance and a very good insulation. This type of vertical beehive is most used by beekeepers in Romania and also agreed and accepted from the European Union. The dimensions of the vertical beehive are to be found in menu drawings and dimensions.

Producing the V10 polyurethane hive and applying patented construction solutions, results a series of advantages, as follow:

- the polyurethane hive V10 has a solid structure
- it`s weight is about 3 times lower then a similar wooden hive
- it has a very good thermal and sound insulation. f.ex: A wall made from rigid polyurethane of 40 mm (1,57 inch) equals with a wooden wall of about 150 mm (5,9 inch) thickness.
- rain can`t enter the interior of the polyurethane beehive
- the hive can be disinfected using water based solutions; drying is very fast because polyurethane has no liquid absorbion
- a very efficient ventilation system
- The hives are delivered in KIT-form (package). The assembling is made from the beekeeper.
- Overlap possibility of the hives and body
- Efficient and simple closing of the hive entrance
- The packing (binding) of the polyurethane hive is made simple and strong using a strap with a inox buckle