About polyurethane

The polyurethane material (PUR) is a synthetic material discovered 70 years ago. Along time industry developed a big number of formulas. In present days the polyurethane materials are to be found in a large number of fields, for example: rigid or elastic pieces; porous or compact; resistant on chemical , biological or environment agents. They can also be thermal-water-sound insulated pieces or materials; Polyurethane pieces have a wide range of physic-mechanical properties.
Due to this versatility, we found the polyurethane in a large number of industries, for example: constructions, furniture, automotive, aeronautics, naval, medicine, etc.

In beehives production we use rigid polyurethane formulas. These polyurethanes ensures very good feature , as follow:
- Very light construction, having a density of 115-120 Kg/mc
- A very good thermal and sound insulation
- A high resistance to chemical-biological and environment agents.
- The physical – mechanical properties remain stable in temperature range of -40 to +85 degree

All polyurethane beehive components don`t have chemical emission.